Snowden, Manning: The face of patriotism

Snowden, Manning: The face of patriotism

Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden are really standing up to those who would radically reinterpret the Constitution

A big week on the spookery front — and some of the news is good. With asylum in Russia, Edward Snowden stands a chance of a long, honest life on the preferable side of prison bars. Bradley Manning was released from charges of “aiding the enemy” when he transmitted 700,000 diplomatic messages to WikiLeaks three years ago. Constitutional rights advocates are especially pleased about the Manning decision.

Here is how Snowden saw things after the Russian Federation granted him a one-year visa on Thursday, allowing him to leave the Moscow airport for the first time since he arrived on June 23. “Over the past eight weeks we have seen the Obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law,” Snowden said by way of a WikiLeaks release, “but in the end the law is winning.”

I am with him on the first half, but not the finale. A lot of us may think the law is winning as we come to terms with the surveillance apparatus and secret illegalities of the American government as Snowden and Manning have exposed them. And a lot more of us wish the law were winning, surely. But it is not.

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