Yellowcake all over again: Don’t believe the Syrian interventionists

Yellowcake all over again: Don’t believe the Syrian interventionists

Possible chemical weapons attack has the usual hawks urging intervention in Syria. Their intel could be wrong again

What we know about what just happened in Syria: Someone seems to have sent chemically toxic substances into several suburbs of Damascus this week, though we have to stay with “seems” at the moment, for not even this is yet certain.

What we do not know about what just happened in Syria: everything else.

I exaggerate slightly, for there is one other thing we know. Whoever launched lethal rockets into rebel-held areas around the Syrian capital, safely assuming someone did, was either stupid or very stupid.

It is essential to consider this moment with the utmost care, setting aside all prejudice and bias, all cartoon imagery, all pseudo-righteousness, all presumptions. And all perverse desires, one should add, as many people will be pleased if it is found that the regime of President Bashar al–Assad did the dastardly deed.

“It’s obvious from the pictures when you see the dead bodies of children and women and others stacked up,” said Sen. John McCain, who hungers for American intervention against Assad. This is what I mean. Nothing is obvious. Reckless people in high office have a long history of this kind of misrepresentation. It is well to recall it.

Last Sunday, a team of 20 United Nations inspectors arrived in Syria to examine three sites where the use of chemical weapons has been alleged. The eastern suburbs of the capital are not on that list, but on Thursday the Assad government, by way of its principal supporters in Russia, promised “objective investigation of all possible cases of use of chemical weapons on Syrian territory.” This promise must come good, not least because Moscow is now on the line as well as Damascus.

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