Thomas Friedman, supreme toady: Also, shameless!

Thomas Friedman, supreme toady: Also, shameless!

Shame on the Times and other media for falsely spinning Ukraine events. We now await the inevitable U.S. betrayal

Months of discontent in Kiev and the western portion of Ukraine combust into an explosion of provocation and response, unwarranted violence, political crisis and now what amounts to a coup, even as Washington prefers any other name for the past two weeks’ events.

We are invited to see in this some kind of Ukrainian Spring, a nation cleansed by its own will of its many dysfunctions. There is a post-revolutionary glow. There are daunting tasks, our media tell us, but 46 million Ukrainians now can turn toward the liberal democracies of Western Europe, so escaping the burdensome influence Russia, its neighbor to the north, has exerted for centuries.

The ultimate came last Sunday in the person of Tom Friedman. One can always rely on the supremely toady New York Times columnist to come forth with comment that remolds the world such that the most misshapen, ambiguous events fit neatly into the Washington orthodoxy and the neoliberal version of humanity’s way forward.

“The good news is the fact that this happened from the bottom up,” Friedman said on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” “The West didn’t do this. The United States didn’t do this. The EU didn’t do this. The Ukrainian people did this.”

Every one of the above sentences reflects what we are supposed to think we have just witnessed in Ukraine. And every one is false. The “revolution” in Ukraine was orchestrated, not bottom up; the West by way of the Europeans and Americans did the orchestrating, and the Ukrainian people — that portion who favor a Westward tilt — were the instruments, not the composers.

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