Liberal media myth officially dead: Brazen propaganda, historical amnesia and the New York Times

Liberal media myth officially dead: Brazen propaganda, historical amnesia and the New York Times

Does Obama have control of his own intelligence agencies? Also, the Times has an ironic definition of propaganda

This shapes up as an important week in the Ukraine crisis. We have already witnessed the extent to which the provisional government in Kiev is unable to control the country that is supposed to embrace it. This raises critical questions as Kiev mounts a military campaign to dampen dissent in the eastern regions.

On Thursday the Western powers and the provisionals will meet in Geneva with a Russian delegation headed by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to discuss a political settlement. This could be the key to defusing the crisis, except that Lavrov’s adversaries have their hearts set on a nation of use in Cold War II, not a nation properly structured to accommodate its diversity and internal tensions.

You read all kinds of astonishing stuff in the press these days. Rana Foroohar made the argument in Time the other day that the West need not worry: Vladimir Putin’s petrostate is already collapsing under the weight of U.S. and European sanctions. Alas, it is so long since Time mattered one can put anything in it these days and no one notices. (I ran across Foroohar’s piece in my doctor’s office.)

On Wednesday the New York Times published a lengthy plaint about how the Russians are deploying a 24/7 propaganda machine and it is like so totally not really fair because some people actually believe this stuff — CIA Director John Brennan being in Kiev, for instance — but in the end it is OK because only Russians, it turns out, believe it. (I understand, I think.) Subtext: Please stop believing the Russians when they mention things such as Brennan’s Kiev visit. It only looks like a coup operation straight out of Allen Dulles’ playbook; it only looks as if the Russians have a more sustainable account of the Ukraine crisis.

I have been waiting weeks for a couple of core truths to emerge from the Ukraine mess, and at last they are coming good.

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