Journal Entry #29

Non, je ne regrette rien.

GREENVILLE, S. CAROLINA, DECEMBER 28— It is important to view difficult years for what they are, I’m moved to note as this one passes into the past. The hardships and setbacks are often mixed with triumphs, and the two might well be closely related, the one having something to do with the other. But even in a testing year that yields no victories or advances of any kind, some part of oneself whispers, “No, I wouldn’t trade it for any other.”

Taking the thought further, and briefly into the personal sphere, I will even say I would not want to do without the struggles of this past year, and they have turned out to be many. Struggles make us. They keep the violin strings taut. One must never wish them away. There would be no victories or advances without them, for one would not be capable of either.

Does this sound like something out of a prayer book? I cannot help that. Every writer whom I admire, along with a lot of others, would agree with me in one way or another.

The year now passing, then. Very briefly.

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