Journal Entry #50

All that we cannot read. NORFOLK, CONN., SEPT. 5—Something remarkable began to be published last Sunday. Cú Chulainn urges readers not to miss it. It is a multi-part exposé of singular distinction for its astonishing revelations and its exceptional documentation….

Journal Entry #49

What we have made of ourselves. NORFOLK, CONN., JUNE 24—Two friends sent a couple of news items this week that prompt in Cú Chulainn a mood of sober reflection. Just who are we in the nineteenth year of our new…

Journal Entry #48

Memory and forgetting, power and the press. NORFOLK, CONN., JUNE 6—The New York Times carried an interesting opinion item in its Tuesday editions. This is worthy of comment all by itself, of course: Reflecting the Times’ very essential duties in…

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