Gamma Senmin, Soga Shōhaku (1730-1783). Freer Collection, Washington.

Gamma Senmin, Soga Shōhaku (1730-1783). Freer Collection, Washington.

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“These are my footsteps.”
                      ——Sam Francis

Recent work.

PATRICK LAWRENCE: The Impeachment Pantomime - November 12, 2019 - The political theatrics that begin Wednesday raise several questions. For starters, will Joe Biden be investigated for mounting evidence of corruption? And why is the  corporate media turning the CIA “whistleblower” into a phantom in plain sight?  Now that “Russiagate” has...
PATRICK LAWRENCE: A Sudden-Seeming Power Shift in the Middle East - October 28, 2019 - Despite the high-speed impression created by events in the past few weeks, the shifting trends of Russian and U.S. influence on the region have been underway for years.  Rarely do world events move at the velocity they now assume in the...
PATRICK LAWRENCE: The Predictable Mess on Syria’s Border with Turkey - October 14, 2019 - Trump just missed an opportunity to pull back troops without inducing another bloodbath. In less than a week, a new front has opened in Syria’s 8-year, all-but-over war, featuring hot- and cold-running proxies from its earliest days. Syrian sovereignty is...

Cú Chulainn.

        Cú Chulainn stirred,
        Stared on the horses of the sea, and heard
        The cars of battle and his own name cried;
        And fought with the invulnerable tide.
                       ——Yeats, Cú Chulainn’s Fight with the  Sea, 

Journal Entry #51 - October 24, 2019 - My contempt runneth over. NORFOLK, CONN., OCT. 24—Maybe it was destined from the first to come to this. Maybe the chicanery and corruption that began in the spring of 2016 and soon enough became known as Russiagate was always going...
Journal Entry #50 - September 5, 2019 - All that we cannot read. NORFOLK, CONN., SEPT. 5—Something remarkable began to be published last Sunday. Cú Chulainn urges readers not to miss it. It is a multi-part exposé of singular distinction for its astonishing revelations and its exceptional documentation....
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